Machakos Rally Aerial Video


Ben represented the Drone Journalism Lab in Kenya during March 2014 while collaborating with the African SkyCAM drone journalism project.  The collaboration resulted in content demonstrating the utility of UAVs for journalism in Africa and beyond.  The stories and content Ben co-produced were published on the African SkyCAM website and across the Radio Africa / Star Publications platforms.

(Originally published by African SkyCAM)

The KCB Machakos Rally 2014 provided us with our first collaborative drone journalism field work.  The rally included a spectator stage where the drivers made a loop inside the new Machakos People’s Park, which opened on February 14th.  Flying a DJI Phantom quadcopter and fighting high winds which blew over our tripod and video screen, we recorded aerial video of the racers tearing around the park.  The footage shows the unique aerial perspectives of a rally race which a UAV can capture, thus providing an example for how this emerging technology can benefit sports reporting and broadcasting.